Short Term Moratorium – Fast Facts

In NSW there is currently a short-term moratorium in place to protect covid impacted tenants from eviction.

Fast Facts

  • The moratorium runs from 14 July 2021 to 11 September 2021 for Residential Tenants
  • Tenants that are covered by this moratorium must be covid impacted and what this means is that the Household net income has reduced by at least 25% or more. This is for the entire household and any government assistance needs to be taken into account in this calculation.
  • The household income is calculated with reference to the 4 weeks to 26 June 2021
  • Tenants must apply to their Agent/Landlord to commence negotiations and provide evidence of the change to their household income.
  • Tenants must continue to pay at least 25% of their weekly rent
  • Landlords are encouraged to negotiate with covid impacted tenants and the government has indicated that landlords may apply for a rebate of up to $1,500 for any reduction in rent they pass onto their tenants
  • The moratorium does not apply for other reasons of terminating a lease (eg: End of fixed term agreement)

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