Selling in Winter


Sell in Winter

When we think of the best time to sell our home, the spring and summer months always come to mind. Blooming gardens, pleasant sunshine and crowds of potential buyers swarming in the door. However we believe that selling in winter can also lead to some great results…

Serious Buyers come out in the cold…

The property market as a whole, can be simplified into supply and demand – the supply increases in spring and summer due to the popular thought that it’s generally the best time to sell.   However, buyers are active year-round and typically base their decision on their savings and the circumstances and not the weather so do not be put off by the winter months to sell your home.

In the winter months, there may be less property on the market, which means your property has a better chance of standing out.

Cosy and Inviting

With winter comes plenty of opportunity to show off various features of your property that may not be seen in those warmer climes. Andrew at Rightside says, “If your property has certain aspects that are better in winter, such as a north or west facing aspect which catches that winter sun, accentuate it. Or if you have a southerly aspect perhaps get that seldom used fireplace roaring and fill the house with warm, mellow lighting. If you’re able to show how lovely the interior (and exterior) of the property is during even the coldest months, potential buyers can get a good feel for the versatility of the property.

Inside the home, warmth and cosiness should be at the forefront of any design decisions when opening for inspection. Use warm lamp lighting to give off an uber-comfortable atmosphere with thick blankets and cushions. Flowers throughout the property and plush robes in the bathroom can work wonders too. Displaying these accessories in vibrant hues as well as hanging colourful images and artwork will help maintain the effect of a cosy space that doesn’t feel dreary and dark. It also pays to have taken some pictures of the property during the warmer months which show off its best aspects in spring and summer, particularly the outdoor spaces.

Let’s talk numbers

Getting into the nitty gritty: when we look at the buyer activity during June, July and August in Manly, we can see that there was a difference in the figures (in a positive way) last year during these months!  There were 91 sales recorded over the three months in Manly from March 1st to May 31st in 2020.  The property market has picked up its pace in winter from June 1st to August 31st with 144 sales recorded last year during winter period.

The number of prospective buyers attending open homes remained constant and genuine purchasers continued to transact on properties of their choice leading to a stable market with an upward trend developing from mid-2020 with no signs of slowing down over the winter of 2021.

Making the Most of Lifestyle Living

Manly itself is a relaxing haven all year round, with a choice of beaches, stunning views and a bustling Corso area. These are enjoyed in summer by thousands of people, however the winter charm of Manly is also very appealing, with plenty of cosy cafes, restaurants, walks, natural scenery and rolling seas to appreciate.

So, whilst popular opinion may be that selling in spring or summer is a must, there are plenty of reasons why you should seriously consider listing your property in winter. Having a professional agent on your side, and a little know-how, can give you a huge advantage. So, if you are thinking of selling in winter, let us help. Our dedicated, professional team are here to deliver the best results for you. Contact Us today and let’s talk about how we can help.

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