Repairs and Your Agent – for Landlords

An inevitable part of owning property is that from time to time things go wrong, and repairs & maintenance should be expected.  A knowledgeable, experienced, and proactive agent can make a difference in managing repairs and ultimately the return you see on your investment.

Limit Surprises

A proactive agent will have a trained eye in what to look for when conducting a routine inspection of your property. Providing you with advance notice of an upcoming likely replacement will help plan for funds to be put aside ahead of time, so when the time does come for that expensive replacement it is not such a shock.

Experience Counts

We often receive calls from tenants requesting that an electrician attend the property to address a power issue.  A conversation with an experienced agent can often uncover that a faulty hairdryer or toaster is the culprit! A much better outcome than sending an electrician unnecessarily.

Systems and Processes

Once a tenant reports a repair, it’s important for both the owner and the tenant that the agent has robust systems and processes in place to ensure that the repair is managed appropriately.  Both the Owner and the Tenant should be able to rely on the Agent to keep everyone informed along the way.  Communication with all stakeholders along each step of the process is critical!

Some repairs are more complicated than others, and strong business systems and processes will help ensure that repairs are conducted in a timely manner and everyone is kept informed.  The Agents work may include gathering multiple quotes, showing tradespeople into the property,  facilitating owner approval for work required,  co-ordinating appointments with tenants, ensuring that any job is done well by an appropriately licenced and insured technician, then extending to  following up the invoice and facilitating payment in a timely manner.

Here at Rightside, we have developed trusted relationships with local reliable and affordable tradespeople that have a proven track record. We also happily accommodate managing repairs and maintenance with the preferred tradie of Owners.

If you have any questions about repairs or maintenance don’t hesitate to reach out.

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