Moving Home Checklist

Moving Homes can be stressful and time consuming, however there are a few things that you can do to make things flow smoothly like getting organised early, which will put you ahead of the game.  To help you stay calm and in control we put together this plan to help make your moving day a success. We hope you find it useful!


6 weeks out:


4 weeks out:

  • Start your packing plan! Colour code each room so the boxes can be delivered directly into the correct room.
  • Start packing little used items and make a note of it in your inventory list. You can use the Google Keep app to keep track of what is in each box (and if you get tired of writing notes you can always just snap a pic of what is going in each box. Make sure you write the box number on the sides and the top of each box (that way you can easily find the box you want even when they are all stacked together.
  • Write out a list to include in your Essentials Carton(s). This will include bedsheets/pillows, kettle, toothbrush & toothpaste, phone charger, snacks & toilet paper!
  • Plan time off from work on Moving Day
  • Schedule in childcare and pet sitters for moving day if this applies to your family


2-3 weeks out:

  • Make sure you advise all the relevant organisations of your new address (check out this list to help you with this)
  • Arrange for new utility connections at your new home. If you are buying/selling/leasing with us we can help you with this ?
  • Update your insurances.
  • Disassemble any larger items (such as children play equipment)
  • Make up a handyman kit (with wall hooks, screwdriver, allen keys, pen knife etc..
  • Book in service access if you are moving to an apartment building (some have a building manager who may organise lift curtains and special access for you)



1 week out:

  • Complete the packing (aside from your weekly essentials)
  • Confirm appointments with removalists, real estate agent etc
  • Back up your computer hard drive


Day Before:

  • Defrost and empty the fridge into an esky if you have one
  • Make sure you take all your appliance cords!
  • Go over your action plan for tomorrow


Moving Day:

At your Old Home:

  • Keep your essentials items to hand (near you!)
  • Talk to your removalists / or helpers and explain the colour coding system to your boxes – so they know which box goes where. It also helps to stick up a colour code on the door of each room in your new home – super easy to figure out which room the “purple box” should go in!
  • Ask your removalist to load kitchen boxes last (so they are first off at the other end)
  • Final check of all cupboards and on top of wardrobes etc
  • Turn off all the lights, lock all the windows and doors

At your New Home:

  • If you are leasing have a good look through the property and at the Ingoing Condition report to make sure everything is in order.
  • Talk to your removalists / friends and remind them where to put the boxes and point out the colour code on each room
  • Check off the boxes from your list and notify the moving company ASAP if anything is missing
  • Assemble and make up beds ASAP
  • Smile and wave hello to your new neighbours ?
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