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As the passionate Director leading Rightside’s Property Management team, Michelle Bourne approaches real estate from a purely client-centric point of view. Every decision she makes and every piece of advice she gives is completely tailored around the needs of the individual.

“I came to the industry after enjoying a long-term career in banking and finance, working for leading banks both here and abroad, which stood me in really good stead when I ultimately decided to follow my passion into real estate. I’ve always had a curious mind and like to know how things work. As a Chartered Accountant I’m very much focused on the potential return on investment of every property we manage. My banking background perfectly aligns with my role here, which involves educating our team in terms of investor returns, not simply routine tasks such as repairs and maintenance.”

“People might be surprised at the volume of information that you need to know when it comes to property management. The rules and regulations are extensive. What we’ve established here is an exceptional level of knowledge and professionalism in this area. We take it seriously, we’re process driven, we operate with integrity and offer a premium service, which is why clients feel comfortable entrusting us with their assets. Importantly, we’re constantly evolving and embracing the latest and greatest technology and systems to achieve the best results and experience for our landlords and tenants.”

Michelle is always available to provide insightful market advice and discuss your current or future investment strategy, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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