Keep your Eye on the Flexi-Hose!

A flexi-hose is a stainless steel braided hose and is often found under bathroom vanities, attached to dishwashers and washing machines.  They don’t last forever, in fact most need to be maintained every 2-3 years and are not expected to last for more than 5 years.

It is shocking how much damage that a broken flexi-hose can cause – take a look at this very brief video footage of the damage caused by a single burst flexi-hose in an apartment.

While the extend of the damage within this apartment is shocking, often the damage extends to surrounding properties (this may include the property adjacent or below).

We strongly recommend to all landlords and property owners that a 3 year maintenance schedule is introduced to arrange for a licensed plumber check and maintain all flexi-hoses in the your property. The costs of cleaning up the mess and rectifying the damage far outweighs this preventative maintenance plan.

Your Property Manager will also have a look at the flexi-hoses at each regular routine inspections for any visible signs of deterioration/aging.  This check accompanied by a preventative maintenance schedule should go a long way to avoiding the disaster in the video above!

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