Best Practice Property Management

After many years of looking after property, we have a clear insight into what Owners are truly looking for when it comes to their Property Management Agent.

At first owners may say that they are looking for the highest rent possible for the lowest fees, however on reflection about what really matters to them, they may come up with a list like this:


Making sure that the property is kept safe and secure and not damaged by a tenant. This includes repairs to prevent issues in the future and receiving information on the appropriate insurances.


Being able to trust that your Agent is looking after your interests and communicates well with all parties.

Value for Money

Fair fees from your Agent, fair fees from tradespeople/specialists, regular rent increases leading to a feeling that your agent looks after their property as if it were their own.

Reliable and Fair Income Stream

Keeping rent at market levels, minimising vacancy, ensure rent is paid on time.  Suggestions and advice from the Agent about cost effective improvements.

Happy Tenant

Knowing that your tenant appreciates living in your property and is being treated with respect by your Agent.

Peace of Mind

An Agency with a sense of responsibility and accountability, knowing that if a mistake is made – they will sort it out.

To deliver great service there are many things that your Agent must do the right way. A lot of problems in property management begin with a poor choice of tenant.  Therefore prioritising finding a great tenant, preparing thoroughly for new tenancies, conducting regular inspections and rent reviews, being diligent about arrears and proactive about repairs and improvements all contribute to a more rewarding experience.

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